Supply Chain Solutions

Source to Shelf

Cargo Services Far East specialises in the design of tailor-made supply chain solutions from Source to Shelf for the retail industry.

Based on the core solution of ediTRACK, a product of Editrack Limited, a subsidiary of Allport Limited, CS Solutions Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cargo Services Far East, with teams of solutions engineers, system analysts and programmers, has developed the LIMA Total Visibility Supply Chain Solution, which is a state-of-the-art PO Management System for the handling of a great multitude of POs of buyers with a great number of suppliers in Asia.

The LIMA Solution enables each of the management functions of a retailing organization, e.g., imports, shipping, global sourcing, buying, quality control, inventory management, cost control, finance, etc., to have access to the progress of each PO/SKU after it is placed with suppliers, through the processes of Order Confirmation, Sampling, Testing, Production Planning, Inspections till the goods are ready for shipments when the subsequent shipping and delivery events will take over in the transparency model.

We can tailor-make the dashboard of our LIMA Solution to suit the requirements of each Principal. It can enable the major interests of our Principals in the progress of their direct sourcing strategy staring into their eyes as soon as they get onto LIMA.

An effective international supply chain solution will enhance and promote direct sourcing of goods for retailers from Asia and other major centres of production of consumer products. Such direct purchases, at the expense of importers, help lift the margins of sales, and in turn the profitability of the retailers.

One cannot overlook the fact that even with the ultimate PO Management Visibility Solution in the industry, the desirable results for the proper management of each PO for the retailers can only be attained with a strong and well-run Account Management supporting it.

We have always developed our LIMA Solution over the years in tandem with the development of teams of Account Management executives, each responsible for the smooth implementation of the LIMA Solution, as well as Origin Logistics Services for each of our overseas Principals.

The Account Management executives are trained in accordance with very strict standard operating procedures and to imbue with the culture of Passion for Service to our overseas Principals. Practically all our overseas Principals would consider the dedicated Account Management of Cargo Services Far East an extension of their own International Supply Chain Management function in China and Asia.

On top of that, our overseas Principals know well that the senior management of Cargo Services Far East will always participate in any innovations mooted by themselves from Concept Development, to Program Design and Trials, to its Implementation, including proper training of all those involved.

Integration of LIMA Solution with the operating systems of Cargo Services Far East guarantees data integrity.


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