Employee Communications & Motivation


Employee Communications

Cargo Services encourage two-way communication and believe communication is an essential aspect of employee engagement.

Communication channels in Cargo Services Far East include the following:

  • Regular eMail announcements
  • Internal Intranet access for all employees
  • Notice board/posters
  • Internal meetings
  • Face to face discussions
  • Social activities

Stimulating Employee Motivation

The objective of the Staff Recognition Scheme is to recognise outstanding performance and achievements of staff, who make continuous improvement to the delivery of our services.

We use this scheme to deepen our employees focus on the vision of the company, i.e. “Passion for Service” and “Do Better Than Others”.

Awards under Staff Recognition scheme are presented in two categories:

  1. “Service Excellence Award” (Quarterly)
  2. “Passion for Service – Better Than Others Award” (Annually)

On a quarterly basis, we invite nominations for employees showing excellent performance in the following four areas:

  1. Internal Support Service
  2. Sales & Customer Support Service
  3. Operations Support Service
  4. Warehouse Service

Our award recipients will be selected on the merits and strengths in the following areas:

  1. Exceed the expectations of their job role
  2. Passion for service
  3. Excellent customer satisfaction (both internal & external)
  4. Innovation
  5. Striving for continuous improvement
  6. Teamwork spirit
  7. Financial contribution to company (including, but not limited to, cost avoidance, productivity improvement, additional revenue/profit    etc.)
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