Woolworths 25 Year Award

“ We are pleased to announce that on November 24, 2015, Woolworths Limited, the biggest retailing group in Australia, conferred on Cargo Services Far East their 25-year Long Service Award.

According to Woolworths, we are their only service provider with a 25 years of continuous services to them.

What is more amazing is that the three generations in Cargo Services servicing Woolworths have stayed with the Company. The three generations of Account Managers supporting John Lau, and in latter years Chris and Cynthia Lau are ( in chronological sequence ) are:

Gilbert Wong
Raymond Yim
Banny Lum

and for the great part of these 25 years, Ki Yick has been the Operations and Documentation Manager of Cargo Services Far East supporting the Account Management function ( which in the last 9 years has been styled as “ Global Account Management, or in short, “ GAM “ ).

Woolworths was the first international Principal of Cargo Services, on the basis of which we developed our international supply chain and logistics services in Australia, the U.K., South Africa and New Zealand. As from this year onwards, our wings have spread to U.S.A. where we started to trade as Allport Cargo Services U.S.A.

All these three generations of executives servicing Woolworths, together with John Lau, and Cynthia Lau, the Executive Director of the Company, and the General Manager, GAM responsible for the Woolworths account, and Graeme Sheeran, General Manager of CSLS ANZ, were present at the 25-year Long Service Award ceremony in the office of Woolworths in Sydney. “



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