Our Culture


A Passion for Service 

Although Cargo Services Far East have invested heavily in information technology and visibility solutions over the years, we recognise that the service we provide to our customers is delivered by our colleagues.  Our customers would invariably be struck with awe the dedicated, attentive, professional and unflagging Passion of all of us in the delivery of our services to them.   


All of us are innovative and proactive in managing the business of our customers.  We “Never Say No”.   


We have a very flat organization.  We are all acutely aware of the factor of Just in Time in the supply chain function, be it international or domestic, of traders.  We practice “Same Day Solution”.    

Commitment to Long-term Partnership 

We believe in long-term partnership with our customers and other service providers in the supply chain of goods from Source to Shelves worldwide.  We believe that the partnership must entail a continual improvement of the quality of our solutions and our services, as well as our continual commitment to investments in technology, facilities and people.    

Always Striving for Excellence


Sustainability and a Greener Earth 

We pursue Sustainability practices, as well as practices of smaller carbon footprint in all our businesses. We believe all of us have the important responsibility to bring about a low-carbon future. 


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